Mother & Son

Yesterday while eating lunch my son asked me, why do you still watch television only when so many options are available? Why don’t you buy Firestick or use Netflix? For a moment, I was quiet. I changed the topic to the upcoming movie ‘Kabir Singh’ on TV. I was interested in watching this movie since its release but I couldn’t due to my schedule and other commitments. So,since it’s release I was waiting eagerly for it to be shown on so called TV. My son casually giggled and said, ” U r really an old timer.”Why wait? Go to YouTube or just search.Google baba Zindabad!!I laughed. He said, what’s the big deal! Yes,what’s the big deal,I told myself. I asked him,” why do we watch movies or other stuff on various platforms when almost every home has a TV? Prompt in his response,he said because we can chose to view what we want. OK! Fair enough,I replied.Again out of curiosity I asked him,given a choice to avail laptop,mobile at your convenience then what would you do?He took no time to reply,of course,I would watch what I want to.TV limits our choice and we have to settle with whatever is shown.Its boring.Yes,I got it was my reply.His prompt reply gave me the reason.Problem lies with Control.Thought of losing control makes us uncomfortable.Why we look for control in every situation be it big or as trivial as watching movie?Now, I was in a position to explain him why I do what I do.I tried to explain him that for me, watching whatever is available on TV is like a total surrender.What I said went over his head.What total surrender and all?He asked. Again I tried to explain, it means that I don’t want to control every aspect of my life.When I control such trivial yet important things too then it loses its charm and curiosity is killed.I am curious and at the same time excited like a child when I think about the upcoming movie I have been waiting for to watch.Won’t I be killing my little pleasure of waiting,curiosity,excitement if I just search and watch?I asked him.He just listened.Delayed gratification has its own charm,I thought to myself.He was listening to me with completely blank face as if I was talking about some alien or other world.Why wait when everything is available at the click of a button might be the question still circling inside his head.I don’t know if he really understood what I wanted to convey but I am sure one day he would surely understand the importance of total surrender.It is required in every aspect of life.It may be such simple matters like watching what and where to something as complicated as relationships and work environments to name a few.Surrendering oneself to situation facilitates to generate a mindset of total acceptance.Its relaxing as well as good for our mental well being to lose control.Discussion went on leading us to the conclusion that Sometimes losing is winning.



5 thoughts on “Mother & Son


    1. Hello Kilian, I’m glad to know that you like my writing. Thanks🙂
      It’s truly amazing to see that you have chosen to pen down at such an early age…simply awesome 👌
      Best wishes🙂


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