2020 : An Eye Opener

Life teaches us every single day. It depends on us whether we want to consider the lesson or prefer to ignore it. As most of us ,I was also leading my life doing same kind of things everyday. Same routine to follow. I felt this is it. Now at-last, stability has come. Everyday I went to School followed by my practice being a Psychologist, spending time with my son. Life was going on as it should be. At least that is what I learnt, that we have to play a role at different stages of life. At present I am a provider and a mother for my child and I am a helping hand for those who are in need of Psychological help. I made a small world for myself and my son but here came 2020! It totally uprooted me from my hook. As I read and try to learn from every situations, moreover being a Psychologist, it is expected that we should deal our life better than most of other people(it’s not true at all). But I knew what all I should and shouldn’t do to lead a life we all aspire to live. For instance, I knew that Death is inevitable but did I live my life keeping that truth in mind? I knew that I should live in present moment and practice being mindful all the time to lead a stress-free, peaceful and happy life, but did I live in present moment? Answer of course is no.. not always. When we are faced with adversities in life then we get reminded of all the right things to be done. I am no exception.

Lifetime lessons learnt from never seen year :

# eating healthy is not for days when problem knocks,eating healthy should be habit as brushing teeth everyday

# accept that nothing is permanent

# lead life keeping in mind that we all are doing to die one day and who will cry when you die

# cherish relationships because when we are on our deathbed we would regret ruining our relationship with near ones(father,mother,brother,sister,good friends…)

# stay away from attachment with things,attach with real people in real world(not only virtual)

# build a support system

# live in present as past is gone and future hasn’t arrived so enjoy here and now(practicing mindfulness might help)

# no time is wrong time to start making changes in your life,take risk,it’s okay

# just sitting at home without any work can fill our mind with negative thoughts so rather than getting tricked by vicious circle of depressive thoughts,utilize time to spend with family members,introspect, read,update oneself and imbibe a hobby

# slow down

# have patience and faith

# be resilient,the more resilient we are,the easier it will be to pick ourselves up and get back to what gives meaning in our lives.

Time to re-think,re-learn and re-start has arrived.

Famous Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr(taken from IKIGAI) :

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the wisdom to distinguish
the one from another.



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