Time has come

Time to pause
Time to reflect
Time to reset has arrived

Time to care
Care for yourself
Care for others has arrived

Time to prioritise
Time to give a glance at mental wellness has arrived
Time to accept that
We all feel pain
We all get anxious
We all have spurts of madness

We all get afraid of something
Afraid of people
Afraid of things
Afraid of losing
Losing loved ones
Afraid to let go
Let go of our deepest fears

Time has come to
Accept that it's okay to cry
It's okay if we don't fit in
It's okay if we struggle
It's okay if we take our own time
It's okay to be different
It's okay not to be part of race

And it's perfectly okay to accept that you are hurting
And hurting deep within needs mending
Mending of heart,soul & mind
Mind needs care & love
Provide the love & care when mind asks for
Love your mind along with body
Along with body love your mind
Life will be sorted
Sorted & beautiful will be our life



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