Don't leave - I am afraid
Afraid of the shadows of darkness
Darkness engulfing me into its arms
I am struggling
I am trying hard
Harder than I ever tried
Remembering all the words you told
Fear is a creation
Creation of my mind
Shall I give water into fire or
I give oil will be my choice
I am trying to fight my demons
Demons of darkness have arrived again
To make me weak 
To make me surrender again
I don't want to surrender mama
I want to fight this time
Fight with my demons
If you are by my side
I know I can
Your words echoed in my ear yet again
I am here don't be afraid
Make a try and you will not fail
Confront your demons of darkness
And ask what does it want
When no reply is heard
Don't wait anymore my dear
Convey loud and clear
It shall not visit me again
I have nothing left to fear
Look look look
what have I done
I knew I am brave
I can do it
Yes, I feel free
I am free from your clutches
Clutches of darkness I kept close to me for long
So close that I forgot who I am
I became you-I became the darkness
But nothing lasts forever not even our troubles 
I heard once
Allow me to say adieu
Allow me to say goodbye
Goodbye to the demons of darkness
Have courage and be kind 
I heard innumerable times
Now I know what it meant
Have courage and be kind
Courage to fight your demons and
Be kind to yourself for who you are 


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