Ode To An Incredible Woman

What may I call you! 
A daughter 
A mother 
A sister or 
A wife 
Have I missed something or, 
Have you missed something for a while  
You are a WOMAN-an incredible woman 
Woman with dreams, likes, 
needs and aspirations never to deny 
You are a woman of substance, who 
Lost your glow, 
Lost your sleep 
Lost your dreams and 
Lost your identity 
To find happiness, 
In what life offered you 
A loving husband 
Caring children 
Understanding in-laws,
You are a WOMAN-an incredible woman  
Love makes you perform impossible sacrifices 
Which you agree to in every crisis 
Because love and respect resides 
In everyone's heart, 
Working out or working at home 
You are unstoppable in every way,
Equal or unequal to man is not a question anymore 
Sometimes silence says more than words can pour 
Woman, you are incredible 
Be at home or work, 
Take time off 
To give yourself a pat 
For who you are 
You are a woman 
Woman of Substance
Thoughtful Women’s Day to All

***Pallavi Sahu***
   Reach me at pausementalwellnessstudio.com

Thanks for reading.

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