If you may give

If you may give
Give away grudges held for long
To free yourself from the clutches of the sinner
Give the forgiveness pending for long
More you forgive more will be the moment of peace
Let peace fills your life with long due happiness

If you may give
Give away your anger as it is no gift to keep
Wrath of anger does no good to any
Free yourself from the danger known to many
Give away by accepting silence
By listening to the melody of your silence
Do you hear something?
Listen attentively to innumerable lessons unfold

If you may give more
Give away the guilt lying deep within
We are no perfect being
We commit blunders unknown, yet we shall live
Feeling of guilt creates turbulence in your inner world
The turmoil you may not be aware of
Let go of the feeling of guilt as early as you can
You may not recognize yourself for what you become

Forgive to take control of your life once more
Free from the deeply held grudge to feel alive
Move on peacefully with your guilt-free mind

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Stay Safe,

Best Wishes,
Pallavi Sahu

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