Trickster Mind-A Poem

Playing games with my mind? Huh!
By resurfacing the old memories
When you least expect them to
Glimpses of the past erupt from nowhere
Like a replay of old records spread everywhere
Meddling with my thoughts with clear intention?
Trying to evoke emotions deeply seated at the back
You let such glimpses take a pause
Forcing me to travel back in time 
Down the memory lane with bitterness once found
Lane where I never wish to pause again
Then why do these flashes go on and off?

I left way behind the lane I never want to pause
For it led me to a destination unprepared for
Lane of disloyalty, cheating, and mistrust are few to name
Reputation to be bad was loudly known
How foolish could I be to reach such a lane 
Left wondering where were I?
Where did I reach?
Have I lost myself?
Questions were many but no one to answer 
 Like a pop up in my mind, I see faded visuals once known

Visual such as I wish to forget 
Why do you play with me?
I know! Playing some dirty tricks to get my reactions?
Making fool of yourself 
For you force me to pause, yet
I decide to let go of the fleeting thoughts
Don’t hold let it go I say
As fleeting as everything around
Let me not pause to relive
The pain, the mental trauma so deep
Let me not pause to relive moments of false togetherness
Let the blowing winds carry away
The glimpses to let it reach where it belongs
Past may rest in past 
That is the way to go ahead
Let me find my way back
Relook, recollect, restart and relive once more
To cherish the beauty of life once lost


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