Hi, I am Pallavi. I am a Psychologist based in India with a career span of over 14 years . I started my career as a Probation Officer( Observation Home for Boys) in a Juvenile Aid Centre and since then, I have served as a Psychologist at various settings.
I am better known as an expert in dealing with behavioural and emotional issues of children, adolescents as well as adults. I have expertise in the area of counselling, psychotherapy and specific learning disorder. I have worked extensively in the area of Child Sexual Abuse & one of my treatise is based on “Child Sexual Abuse-Trauma & Creativity”
I find myself to be an avid reader, writer, keen observer, helper, nonjudgmental, resilient and learner: learning never ends! I try never to give up in life as I know life is beautiful and I don’t want to miss on the wonders of this beautiful life. Change the glasses we put on and we might start looking things from different perspective. I actively try to imbibe meditation and mindfulness based activities in my daily life. I just try and life goes on!

Mantra of my life

“If you want to be successful, you must respect one rule: NEVER LIE TO YOURSELF,”-Paulo Coelho

For those who are interested in reading research papers-One of my research paper has been published in Volume 8 Issue 4, April 2019 Edition of International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).”Study on Mindset, Locus of Control and Self Esteem of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities“. Click on the link given below to read my research paper.


One of my informative articles has been published in Volume 10 Issue 2, February 2021: Page 6 Edition of International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).“Zeigarnik Effect and Its Implications in Our Day to Day Lives.” Click on the link given below to read.


Article published in The Times of India on 24th February,2021. “Village life taught me to hit pause, cherish humanity“. Click on the link given below to read.


“Moment of patience in a moment of anger can save you a hundred moments of regret, so practice patience often”