Why were we not taught about this?

Institution of marriage and the role of being a parent From the moment you are born, you anticipate passing through numerous stages of overall development through learning. From learning to hold the neck firmly to walking, from babbles to sentences, from chewing objects to turning them around. You are always learning something, even if not … Continue reading Why were we not taught about this?


By Pallavi Sahu The story of the potato, the eggs, and the bean is a famous story of life lessons given by a father to his daughter when she came defeated and lost all hopes in life. In this story, the father took three different pots of boiling water- to put the potato, the eggs, … Continue reading ENTER MY WORLD-A CHILD TO A PARENT

Way of Life: When No One Is Watching

By Pallavi Sahu, Psychologist Wait for a second to pause to think about this unornamented yet profound question, who are you when no one is watching? I figure out that the complete essence of a person, who he/she is, lies in this question. Do we really do what we preach? For instance, many famous personalities … Continue reading Way of Life: When No One Is Watching

Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse by itself is an uncomfortable subject. It often elicits silence. Child sexual abuse generally can be of two types: contact abuse and non contact abuse. Contact abuse refers to such physical contact as penetration of the child’s vagina or anus with the perpetrator’s penis, fingers, or other object. It also extends to non … Continue reading Child Sexual Abuse