Emptiness- A Poem

Void in my heart echoes the deserted lookNight engulfs in its armsWaves of scars and wounds so intense ariseWhen street wraps itself in mournful gloomBearing a gaze of stealth & grimBird-of-night stares from afarWhen the sun shines brightNobody could peep into affliction I bearWith disguise so fine-happy smiling face of mineFor I endured my pain … Continue reading Emptiness- A Poem

Why Do I Write?

Since I have joined WP blogging community, I have come across innumerable posts about blogging-related advice. Expert bloggers have shared their precious insights related to the blogging world that I might have given a miss in general. Every time I click on such posts, my mind engulfs with a few prominent cross-examinations of my intent-What … Continue reading Why Do I Write?

Conversation Between Guru and Shishya About Happiness

Guru asked his Shishya, ‘why are you not looking happy?' ‘What is there to be happy about Guruji,' asked Shishya cautiously. Guru replied by saying, ‘be happy like flowing water. Be happy for no reason.' Shishya was puzzled, yet he didn't show his ignorance at once. He asked Guruji one more question.' How can I … Continue reading Conversation Between Guru and Shishya About Happiness

Children & Gadgets: How to Help Children to Use Gadgets Judiciously

When the number of likes on your post gets the power to control your reaction, you may realize something is not okay. For instance, if your child’s mood fluctuates with the number of connections, you may be at alert that something is just not right. No doubt, technology has immense benefits. However, it also comes … Continue reading Children & Gadgets: How to Help Children to Use Gadgets Judiciously

Trickster Mind-A Poem

Playing games with my mind? Huh! By resurfacing the old memories When you least expect them to Glimpses of the past erupt from nowhere Like a replay of old records spread everywhere Meddling with my thoughts with clear intention? Trying to evoke emotions deeply seated at the back You let such glimpses take a pause … Continue reading Trickster Mind-A Poem

The Chosen Path

Scary yet empowering Frightful yet enriching Walking the chosen path asks for dare For path decorated with obstacles which you may fear Speak or not, think or pause may tear you apart Wait and watch your steps as your path unfold As rebel is the new tag you may have been told You may bow … Continue reading The Chosen Path

Fear of Death

Fear of death in desperate moments such as these is verily obvious Desperation to flee, flee for life Leaving every precious and not so precious belonging behind Does it raise a question profound-what matters other than being alive? For nothing really matters, for people need to run Run to live a life of dignity, as … Continue reading Fear of Death

Screaming Mind

Life seems to slip away from the grip Like sand slipping away if you trip Tighter the grip faster the slip Yet no one may care even if you dare For I, me, myself prevails, everything else goes in vain In situations such as these, whether to hold or let it be May be the … Continue reading Screaming Mind

Are You Holding a Grudge?

Who hasn’t been hurt ever in their lives? You might have felt terrible at some point in your life. Children feel awful when they get scolding by their parents. Parents may also feel hurt when children say something inappropriate to them. Sometimes a simple conversation between partners takes a dramatic turn of accusations and blame … Continue reading Are You Holding a Grudge?

An Invisible Girl

One fine day, while walking towards my home, I felt as if someone is crying. I walked towards the meek sound. I saw a girl with long shiny hair and with beautiful big eyes filled with tears. Tears that might have burst out without her permission. I sat beside her without uttering a word. She … Continue reading An Invisible Girl


BY PALLAVI SAHU Days, months, and years flew away Yet it never feels so When life seems difficult When nothing seems clear When confusion is profound Which way to found Friend like you come to rescue Without saying a word You make me laugh When I am on verge of tears You seem to see … Continue reading MY FRIEND

Experience with Covid: Mental Health Professional Can Also Go Through Mentally Draining Phase

BY PALLAVI SAHU Everybody has their own unique experience with Covid. Some come out of it with ease, for some- covid takes a toll on their mental health, while fight with covid becomes physically, financially as well as mentally draining for others. The month of May was enveloped with extreme emotions-fear, feeling of helplessness, moments … Continue reading Experience with Covid: Mental Health Professional Can Also Go Through Mentally Draining Phase

Existential Crisis at the Time of the Pandemic 

BY Pallavi Sahu Howls, cries, heart-breaking stories, loss of loved ones, grief have taken the forefront in our lives. This pandemic has led to an existential crisis. Nowhere to go, running around anxiously, looking for some medium to save lives-human tragedy is at its peak in my country-looks like an apocalyptic level has reached. Every … Continue reading Existential Crisis at the Time of the Pandemic 

I Care for You

BY Pallavi Sahu Let me hold your hand Let me walk by your side When you feel pain Not to tell I understand Not to tell it will be fine Not to remind the hours passed Not to define your sorrow unmatched Let me hold your hand let me walk by your side To let … Continue reading I Care for You


It's been three months since I have joined WordPress community yet it feels as if I have always been part of this warm and welcoming community. Initially, I was not sure whether my decision to join WordPress is correct or not. Now after spending only three months with all of you, I am more than … Continue reading Reflections


Why do I feel so helpless sometimes? Helplessness hopelessness so profound Am I the only one who feels so? As if nothing is in my control As if life is slipping away in a flow Life seems so bleak So meaningless seems life what to do and what not to do Are thoughts my mind … Continue reading Helplessness

Wrath of Anger

I see madness, madness in your eyes Eyes filled with rage, the rage I never wish to encounter I am frightened, frightened of the consequences I will be hurt one more time One more time left to cry alone Hushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Shhhhh Don’t speak, don’t show your tears Others will find out Façade of the happy … Continue reading Wrath of Anger

Humans Do Cry

Being mindful equips us to notice the inconspicuous aspects of our lives, which most of the time hardly require conscious effort to act or perform-taken for granted-on auto pilot-aspects of our lives. Recently, while practicing meditative mindfulness, I chose to give focus to crucial as well as a vital function of our body-Emotional Tears. Have … Continue reading Humans Do Cry


Don't leave - I am afraid Afraid of the shadows of darkness Darkness engulfing me into its arms I am struggling I am trying hard Harder than I ever tried Remembering all the words you told Fear is a creation Creation of my mind Shall I give water into fire or I give oil will … Continue reading Darkness

A Poem

Heart pounding fastTears flowing non stop Panic and unease on topWhy did you go away?If I may askYou whispered in my earLanguage of love I fearShall I shall I not Were my thoughtsRisk was takenTo give love a chanceUnaware to be shaken in a glanceWhy did you deceive me?If I may ask We were enough … Continue reading A Poem