J. M. Kathija (Sana) 
Mother of Sheema Fathima

What Wonderful Parents, Clients & People Who Know Me Professionally As Well As Personally Have To Say

The first I met Pallavi mam was when we were in search of a Psychologist for our younger daughter,  Sheema Fathima, then six years old, who was diagnosed with cerebellar atrophy at the age of two. 
Pallavi mam has not only taught Sheema to hold the pencil and write,  but also made her practice various activities for mental and social development. Pallavi mam is very sincere and dedicated towards her duties.  She always keep herself updated with the needs of her students. A true instructor,  with tremendous patience and calm personality.  She makes her students feel comfortable and playful while practicing the activities.  She regularly brings out new and interesting activity for the kids,  that bounds them with curiosity and encourages them to complete the allotted tasks. She is very soft spoken with her students and their parents too. Her pleasing personality and positive attitude builds a strong bond with the kids,  which results in over all development. *Her punctuality is unmatched*. Her efforts have gardened wonderful results.  Sheema Fathima is doing her B. SC First year in Hotel and Catering Management. She is very fond of Pallavi Mam. We are happy to say that Pallavi am has paved a smooth way for Sheema, a girl who could not read an alphabet reads story books and fictions easily with control over language and speech.  I feel proud to say that I am associated with Pallavi mam, a great Psychologist and a wonderful human being. Loads of respects and Best wishes to Mam. 


Pallavi has a knack to carefully diagnose and patiently understand the root cause of the problem. This is out of experience which helps her in treating the issues. Pallavi is an expert in the field of Psychology and Life coaching. I definitely recommend anyone to her for any psychology/ life coaching related issues.

Thank You so much Ma’am for all the efforts you were putting for our son’s progress. Your patience and commitment towards our son’s improvement was really commendable. It was uncertain position for me, as I understood the problems that my child was facing but remained helpless! We will be forever grateful for your diagnosis of my son, my first visit  I remember with you that gave hope to me , for my son.You gave us complete picture of the disorder, DO’S  & DON’TS etc.,Not only guidance from you was wonderful  right from his diet but working together with you  has given greater impact as a mother.

— Parent of a Child

My daughter is a 12 year old girl and was going through challenges with her behavioral issues.  She was not able to attend the school nor was in talking terms with her friends.  We were going through a lot of pressure due to her.  At that time we were referred by the school to Pallavi mam for one to one counselling for my daughter.  Mam had continuous conversations with her and dealt with her in a very professional manner by speaking to her regularly and helping her to come out of her depression.  Pallavi mam helped my daughter and convinced her to write her exams and she has successfully passed.  Presently my daughter is doing good and scaling through life with no issues.” 

— Parent of a Child

I have the privilege to know Ms. Pallavi for more than a decade. During that time I have learned so much from her. She is very knowledgeable in the field of psychology, life coaching, life in general. Every time I talk to her for supervision, she took the time to really listen to my concerns and was always able to provide her best to me with clear insight and direction; in ways I couldn’t see on my own. Her ability to connect with others is unparalleled. Ms Pallavi is a remarkable human. Her thoughtful patience, combined with her careful and truly personalized approach, illustrate her deep knowledge. She will always keep an open mind and most importantly, she will never give up on you. She truly is gifted in her ability to listen, guide, and care for others. I would recommend her for anyone wanting to seek counseling or coaching for anything under the sun.

Ritu Bhadauria

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